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Motive Power is working to design, build, operate, and enhance fast, reliable, and flexible EV charging installations to connect the Maritimes for EV road-trippers.

We polled ~200 EV drivers in the Maritimes.
They're running into problems at charging stations.

Nearly ALL EV Drivers have had to wait to use a DC Fast Charger in the Maritimes!

Lineup at a charging station

Over half have been affected by a broken DC Fast Charger!

Pie Chart, Over half have been affected by broken chargers
Broken in Moncton November 2022
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 8.33.30 AM.png

The problem will only get worse...

Chart - 90% of cars on the road will be electric by 2050

In the Maritimes, ~1.5% of light duty vehicles in circulation are fully electric. As that number grows, the number of charging stations needs to grow with it. Otherwise, lineups at charging stations will only get longer wasting your time!

We need more chargers!

The Motive Power Charging Network is in development.

We will build a network of charging stations focused on connecting all of the Canadian Maritimes. Speed, reliability, simplicity, and scalability are among our guiding principles. 

Are you interested in investing? Learn more here.

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